ARTEMIS Brokerage Event






ARTEMIS Brokerage Event

The first of these events will be held on January 13-14 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels.

The purpose of the event is to give the participants a chance to:


- propose their project idea to potential project partners

                              - check project ideas from others to join their consortiium

                              - work out project ideas to indicative proposal

                              - build a project consortium

                              - build and enlarge their network

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The purpose of ARTEMIS is to disseminate the competences of European actors within complex systems with the purpose of developing new, improved products for the benefit of the European economy, job market and quality of life.


A unique aspect of ARTEMIS is the fact that the project works for establishing collaboration between industry, universities and other research institutions and thus also for building bridges between private companies and the world of research. In addition, the project is based upon collaboration across national borders; hence, each proposed project needs to encompass representatives from at least three different ARTEMIS member states. In this way, the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and ideas is ensured to the highest possible degree. The projects will be financed partially by EU resources, partially by the participating companies and partially by the states from which the participants stem.