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Local company enters knowledge coupon collaboration with CISS

The Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation has a financing arrangement that enables small and medium-sized enterprises that have not collaborated with a certain knowledge institution within the last three years to get financial grants in connection with research and development projects carried out in collaboration with Danish knowledge institutions. The metalworks company AØS has recently entered into a collaboration with CISS concerning the optimisation of ordering steel bars for their production.


Reduced costs


"The challenge for the company is that when they are about to initiate a new project, they order the steel in long bars which are then later cut into smaller pieces depending on what they need. If we are only talking about smaller projects, it is fairly simple to do the calculations concerning how many bars of each available length they need to buy, but the company has grown in recent years and thus also the number and size of the projects the employees need to complete. Therefore, we at CISS were asked to program a tool which can both carry out the calculations for each individual project but which can also combine several projects so that the orders for steel bars can go out at one time - with a consequent reduction of costs and waste of steel," Jacob Illum from CISS explains.






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