Embedded real-time operating systems and platforms

A lot of embedded software has as its purpose to perform tasks at specific times or with very strict intervals. Examples of this are the autopilot of a plane or the radar system on a ship. The systems used in such connections are often subject to very strict demands concerning steadiness and accuracy, in the sense that they must deliver exact information with accurate, often very small intervals. In addition, they need to function while being subject to various challenges such as exposure, size and the complexity of their tasks and the systems need to be able to continue solving their tasks, even if faults occur. Finally, the operating systems must be able to function for many years, which means that being able to attain spare parts is a prerequisite.

On the one hand, CISS works on evaluating existing operating systems developed for embedded systems, and on the other, we work on developing and testing new development possibilities, e.g. the use of Open Source standards in such systems.