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DES research unit

CISS is the central research centre in the DES research unit - Distributed and Embedded Systems at the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University.

About DES:

The research within the Distributed and Embedded Software research unit holds great significance for the society of the future. 80% of all current software is embedded (that is, hidden) within different kinds of products. Whether as a private person or company, the probability that you are working with or using embedded software in your everyday doings is large. At the same time, an increasing amount of daily activities take their point of departure in the internet - that is, in a kind of distributed system where several computers collaborate to provide a service.

The DES unit works with a wide range of research topics within the major field, e.g., modelling and development of distributed and embedded systems, test and validation, networks and operative systems, intelligent software, reliable and safety-critical systems etc. This also means that the research is applied in a number of industries - and at several points in companies' development or manufacturing processes.

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