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International research and collaboration projects

CISS is among the leading research environments within embedded software in the world - and as such an attractive collaborator amogn companies and research units all over the world. We participate in basic-research projects as well as busines and industry-related projects.


In the ArrowHEAD project, four different industries will be utilising a joint virtual energy market. The project will build upon the results of the Danish TotalFlex project.



ArtistDesign - European Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design

CRAFTERS - ConstRaint and Application driven Framework for Tailoring Embedded Real-time Systems

The aim of the CRAFTERS project is to establish a cohesive tool chain for the development of embedded system with a special focus on the areas of industrial and intelligent transport systems, video and image editing systems as well as wireless communication. Among the participants are large companies such as Thales, Infineon and Catena.


ENOURAGE - Embedded iNtelligent COntrols for bUildings with Renewable generAtion and storaGE

The ENCOURAGE project is a co-European project aiming to develop embedded intelligence and integration technologies that will directly optimize energy use in buildings and enable active participation in the future smart grid environment.



The main objective of FoodManufuture is to provide a vision and a conceptual design for a cross disciplinary research infrastructure for food manufacturing that will boost innovation, competitiveness and productivity of the European Food sector and Manufacturing Solutions sector.


IDEA4CPS - Foundations for Cyber-Physical Systems

IDEA4CPS is a Sino-Danish research collaboration aiming to increase the reliability of everyday software-controlled applications and systems. The focus of the collaboration are so-called cyber-physical systems - large self-organised networks of embedded systems that communicate and collaborate on various tasks.

Read news article on the centre here


INTrEPID (INTelligent systems for Energy Prosumer buildIngs at District level)

The aim of the project is to develop technologies that will enable energy optimization of residential buildings.



MBAT - Combined Model-based Analysis and Testing of Embedded Systems

The MBAT project brings together a number of the leading European companies within car, airplane and train manufacturing along with leading research competences within analysis and test of embedded systems with the purpose of giving the sectors a new leading-edge validation and verification platform for embedded systems.



RECOMP - Reduced Certification Costs Using Trusted Multi-core Platforms

The aim of the co-European RECOMP project is to establish methods, tools and platforms enabling cost-efficient (re-)certification of safety-criticial and medium-critical systems. The project among other things looks at cars, airplanes, industrial automoation, lifts and transport systems.


SafeConnect - Technological Partnership for Safely Embedded Software Systems

SafeConnect brings together four European innovation networks: InfinIT from Denmark as well as a Belgian, German and Polish network. The aim is for the four clusters and a number of participating companies to bring together different competences, draw on each other's experiences within the field and establish contacts across national borders. It is also the aim to establish connections between companies and knowledge institutions and to find a number of concrete collaboration opportunities. Finally, it is the hope that this will lead to a joint project application, for instance to an EU call.




SENSATION- Self Energy-Supporting Autonomous Computation

The main goal of SENSATION is to increase the scale of systems that are self-supporting by balancing energy harvesting and consumption up to the level of complete products.


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