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National research and collaboration projects


CISS participates in a number of Danish research, collaboration and network projects with a focus on how research and industry in collaboration can create the embedded systems of the future. Here, you can read about the projects we are currently participating in.


BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership within ICT which works to support and develop the North Denmark ICT cluster. The partnership brings together a large number of the strongest private and public actors in North Denmark and establishes networks and cross-disciplinary collaboration. The core output is the network facilitation, specialist seminars and workshops, branding/visibility of the ICT cluster as well as innovation projects.



CISS ConneCT is our large regional project that aims to develop demonstration models of technological solutions using embedded software that can solve concrete challenges that North Denmark industries are facing. Examples of demonstrators/industries are: Intelligent stock control, food packaging, home automation and the development of a robust user interface for use in exposed work environments.

CJ4ES - Certifiable Java for Embedded Systems

The aim of this project is to develop a prototype development environment and platform for safetycritical software for embedded applications. Project partners are the Technical University of Denmark and the company Gomspace.



The project focuses on enabling the use of intelligent control of the energy consumption in private homes through the development of a so-called 'homeport' which enables different electronic devices to communicate and be controlled from one central unit.


Energy-efficient regulation of separation processes

Case: Process optimisation leads to healthier bottom line and better environment

Process optimisation is a very hot topic within industry right now, and with good reason. It is possible to find huge savings of energy within a wide range of manufacturing areas, to the benefit of both the companies' finances and our joint future. CISS has collaborated with manufacturing companies on a regulation project that has led to huge savings.


IABIS - Individualiseret adgang og bevægelsesstimulerende informationsservices (Individualised access and motion-stimulating information services)

This project aims at developing solutions that can improve the everyday life in assisted living facilities for elderly people with physical or mental disability. The solutions will in particular focus on making it easier for older people with dementia to move around without needing constant surveillance of their living facility, based on a combination of wireless lock and access control systems and information services.

InfinIT - Innovation network for IT

InfinIT is a Danish innovation network for IT which is headed by CISS in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute. All interested parties are invited to participate in the network's numerous interest groups and events that cover a wide range of IT topics and application areas. Furthermore, the network invites companies to participate in short collaboration projects in which companies collabrate with one or more of the knowledge institutions in the network. .


ITOS - Industrial Technology and Software

The project brings together world-class Danish companies within industrial technology and software. This is done by transferring the highest level of knowledge, technology and special compatences among Danish companies, universities and international knowledge centres and establish a lasting platform for collaboration for this purpose. The project aims to create knowledge and strengthen competences within radical system development, that is, methods for the development of technologies that can be used across industrial sectors


MT-LAB - Modelling of Information Technology

MT-LAB is a Danish basic research center that brings together Denmark's leading IT researchers across research institutions. The projects enables leading Danish researchers to develop computer-science and mathematical models that increase the stability of complex software systems.


The Software Corridor

The aim of the project is to create a national Software Corridor based on competences within research, development, education and business in the western part of Denmark. The Software Corridor will consist of project sites in Aarhus, Aalborg and Sønderborg, as well as satellite sites in selected cities with educational institutions that host relevant educations.




The TotalFlex project brings together leading actors within all aspects of Smart Grid with the purpose of establishing a flexible system containing the entire food chain from power production to consumer  - and which will give everyone involved in that food chain environmental and financial benefits.


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