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High-level programming language

A programmer's choice of programming language is often a matter of habit – and very much a matter of emotions. This means that it is not necessarily the optimal language that is chosen for a specific task. At CISS, we participate in a series of projects focusing on making the best choice of programming language for specific purposes.

The choice of programming language depends on many things. A language that might enable the programmer to save time during the programming process itself is not necessarily the best choice in terms of the so-called level of abstraction – the distance between the programming language and the machine language that the hardware in question understands. Sometimes, a 'translator' is needed between the two, which bears the risk that details may be lost in the translation process.

In general, the choice of programming language is a question of finding a balance between the level of abstraction and an efficient utilization of the hardware resources. CISS' research can help companies find the exact language that is optimal in terms of the tasks they need to solve.



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