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Object-oriented analysis and design

Embedded software is often developed for specific products. This means that it is not enough for the developers to consider the function the software is supposed to fulfill – it is also necessary to consider both the hardware and mechanics during the development process. At CISS, we study the methods within object-oriented analysis and design that are most suitable for the challenges that researchers and manufacturers are facing in terms of software development.

Within the industry, a common problem is the fact that different parts of the product are manufactured and developed by different divisions and employees. CISS' analysis and design can be applied early in a company's development process like a kind of 'architectural drawing' in which we describe the various challenges and issues the company may encounter in terms of software, hardware and mechanics – and, not least, the interaction between these three elements. Consequently, the engineers can heighten the quality of the final product – and the work process will become increasingly effective, since the error rate is reduced and, accordingly, they will be less likely to need to do their work all over again if the product does not work properly.




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