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Gain intelligent control

What do satellites, cars, agricultural production and regulation of medication dosage have in common? Well, all of it can be controlled by intelligent embedded systems that will be a common element in our everyday lives.

Intelligent systems

If you look at a satellite floating several thousand kilometers away in space, it seems obvious that it needs to have some built-in intelligence rendering it more or less autonomous, since it is impossible to drop by to do repairs. But there are other more earth-bound fields that will benefit from the development of intelligent embedded systems.

Cars are filled with electronics and software, and naturally it is important to ensure that the different parts work when they need to. Consequently, there is a need for intelligence to ensure that the brakes work when they need to and, in the more comfortable part, that the seat, steering wheel and mirrors can adjust to the person getting into the car. But these are only a few of the possibilities appearing with intelligent embedded systems.

In the future, we will see intelligence in everything. From cars to air-conditioning systems and alarm systems. So far, the development of intelligent embedded systems, that enable the intelligent control, has typically taken place at the individual companies. This means that the development has not been transferred to other sectors. With DaNES (Danish Network for Intelligent Embedded Systems), the aim is to ensure that the results of projects within one business sector are utilised in a number of neighbouring sectors, so that the knowledge produced is not only used within the specific company.

The overall objective of DaNES is to generate a series of methods, technologies and tools based on the latest research results and adapted to the specific needs of the individual companies.

An important set of results in DaNES will be the appearance of new products from the participating companies within intelligent control of the air in stables, advanced insulin medication, safety-critical aeronautical software and domain-specific HW/SW platforms, respectively. These products will be based upon developed methods and tools within model-based development and will be characterised by a high level of reliability, correctness, flexibility and traceability, which means that the products will fully live up to relevant licensing requirements from the authorities.

The platform's participants

The research environments at CISS (Center for Embedded Software Systems at Aalborg University), DTU Informatics/the Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling at the Technical University of Denmark, the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark in addition to the companies ICEpower, Novo Nordisk, PAJ Systemteknik, Prevas, Skov and Terma.




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